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Trimming Your Beard the Right Way!

Trimming Your Beard the Right Way   No matter what stage of growth your beard is in, trimming your beard is an important part of overall beard grooming.  Exactly how do you trim your beard, though, and why?  Read on for some tips about trimming your beard. Why Should...

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How to Dye Your Beard Like a Pro

How to Dye Your Beard Like a Pro Some years back, there was a product sweeping the nation that promised users a new breath of fresh air on their thinning or graying hair. While this aerosol based spray can of hair dye was mercifully a short lived product, the memories...

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How to Naturally Grow a Full Beard Faster

How to Naturally Grow a Full Beard Faster This question has plagued men throughout the ages. Men want to grow a lush looking beard without having the awkward in between stage where the beard is short, thin and patchy. This article will show you some natural tips you...

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How to Get Rid of a 5 O’Clock Shadow

Over the years, we have seen many trends come and go. In particular for men, the 5 o’clock shadow has been one of great debate. Whilst some people aim to keep their 5 o’clock stubble in place the whole year round, others are doing everything they can to remove it

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Beard Trimmers


One of the most important tools in a man’s beard care arsenal, the beard trimmer is essential for keeping your beard in check and looking beautiful.

But not all trimmers are created equal. Some are best for shaping, others for dealing with longer beard hairs. You even find trimmers that were made for the man who’s always on the move and doesn’t have time to clean up. Having such a wide variety of trimmers is great because it means there is a trimmer that’s just right for your needs and for your budget. But… being spoiled for choice might leave you a bit confused, so we’ve taken care of that by reviewing the top rated trimmers in order to help you make the right decision.

6 of the Best Underrated Beard Trimmers Heading Into 2017

6 of the Best Underrated Beard Trimmers Heading Into 2017

6 of the Best Underrated Beard Trimmers Heading Into 2017 For many years, beard trimmers and other beard tools would serve a purpose and they would be purely functional items. Essentially, the two options were to grow out a beard or shave it all off and have a clean...

The Best Beard Growth Products 2018

Top Rated Products for Growing Your Facial Hair     So, you’re looking for the best beard growth products?   Well, I’ve put together this article listing the top facial hair products and supplements in 2017 to help you achieve a faster growing beard that's...

Beard Oils, Vitamins & Supplements

Does Biotin Really Work for Beard Hair Growth?

Trying to grow a majestic beard? We all are, and it can be extremely difficult. This is where biotin can come in handy, helping you grow that luscious beard you want. Many men have used it and seen improvements in their beard growth

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Do Vitamins for Beard Growth Really Work?

Do Vitamins for Beard Growth Really Work?   You’re doing everything right. You’re grooming, trimming, using beard oil, and maybe trying some home recipes you found on the internet or saw on a late night infomercial. Still, you can’t get your beard to grow full and...

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What is Beard Oil, and is it Really Natural?

What is Beard Oil? Over the last decade there's been a massive increase in popularity in rocking some facial hair. And with it has come a vast range of products specifically catering towards the upkeep and care of our beloved beards. One such product that is nowadays...

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How to know when you’re ready to use beard oil?

How to know when you're ready to use beard oil?   Whether your beard is just starting to grow out or you are sporting a Duck Dynasty beard extraordinaire, there really is no wrong time to start applying beard oil. First, let’s try to understand exactly what it is and...

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Honest Amish Beard Balm Review

Honest Amish Beard Balm Review   Over the years, we have seen fashions and trends change dramatically and this is set to continue into the future. However, there is one characteristic for men that has remained in place and this is the beard. Whilst some choose to...

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Other Articles

Beard Hair Implants: What you need to know!

Being able to grow a majestic beard is often taken for granted, because there are thousands of men in the world who are unable to grow facial hair. But thanks to the ever growing popularity of beard transplant surgery, there is a viable option.

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10 Benefits Of Growing A Beard

10 Benefits Of Growing A Beard We all want to look good, feel good and be admired by others. From killing yourself in the gym for eye-popping biceps or wasting your money on the latest fashions. Men have been chasing after anything to upgrade their quality of life....

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